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                                                                                 Amada Fiber Laser

LPE have purchased an Amada Fiber laser cutting machine that cuts material at up to 50m/minute and is capable of cutting copper, brass, titanium and other material that were previously unable to be cut by CO2 lasers. This machine is supported by it’s own material load and part unload system, leading to lights out production. The following links will give you an insight into the new machine.



                                   Our machine has the high speed shuttle table and the compact loading/unloading system.

The machine will cut up to

Mild steel – 15mm

Galv – 3mm (material only goes up to 3mm)

Stainless steel – 10mm

Aluminium – 8mm

Brass – 5mm

Copper – 4mm

Titanium – 5mm

               Please contact any of the team who will be delighted to let you understand the opportunity this machine can give your business.

Flexible Manufacturing Group Deans Engineering Limited Flexible Surface Technology | tel. 01506 435281 | fax. 01506 433973