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Enginerring and Development
The overall manufacturing and engineering capability that makes FMG unique in today’s demanding market is at the core of LPE. Our policy of working with customers to drive value through innovation has delivered huge savings for them, clearly differentiating LPE from its peers.

  • From concept to delivery LPE add true value to your business

  • Challenge LPE and begin to drive cost out of your business

  • Work with LPE and allow your own engineers to challenge themselves

With LPE our customers savings include : 

A telecom subrack at less than 50% of the Far East Cost SAVING over £400,000 per year

A range of sheetmetal optical and data front panels at 25% of the equivalent casting costs with improved EMC SAVING over £1.25 Million per year

The delivery of a plasma TV mounting bracket at 20% of the cost of the previous Far East design SAVING over £100,000 per year

A SAVING of $1.25 Million for our customer replacing a welded design with a mechanical solution

Developed an integrated enclosure from concept to delivery saving over a third of the cost from the previous solution SAVING almost £200,000 per year

These are only a few of the savings LPE customers have enjoyed

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